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For Your Safety at Mountain Blue

At Mountain Blue, we pride ourselves in giving the utmost care to our patients. We realize the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted our patients’ lives; however, our goal is to lessen that impact to make you feel safe coming to our office. We have implemented several safety precautions including the following:

  • Everyone in the clinic is required to wear face masks.

  • We conduct a thorough patient and staff screening.

  • We periodically perform COVID testing on Staff and patients.

  • We offer telemedicine to every patient. 

  • Continuous monitoring of social distancing in our waiting room is a priority and limiting visitors other than our patients is encouraged. 

  • Keeping our patients safe during their treatments is imperative, which is why we have installed individual plexiglass barriers between our comfortable treatment recliners. 

  • We have dramatically stepped up our comprehensive safety protocols and will continue to monitor and improve these safety measures because we know your care is time sensitive. 


Your safety from COVID-19 and success in your treatment is our primary goal. We want the best for our patients and hope our personalized care will shine through during this difficult time.

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