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Why Mountain Blue

Patient-Centered Care


Our Values


Simply using genomic tumor assessment in practice is not enough; the oncologist must have the experience to know how to use the information for the maximum benefit of the patient. 

Decades of experience in immunology, genetics and working with cancer patients and their families give us a deep understanding of the special needs arising during treatment. We strive to provide the most personalized care.


One of the promises we make and work very hard to keep is that of convenience. We know this is a stressful time and we do our best to help ease that burden with in-office access and by phone to our oncologists and staff. 

Exceptional/Personalized Care 

Our goal is to provide the utmost attention and exceptional care to our patients — a treatment philosophy that cannot always be practiced at large hospitals and medical centers. 


Physical comfort and emotional well-being are our top priorities.


Connecting our patients to clinical trials and cutting-edge treatments for cancer in addition to support groups to aid in the healing process. 

Treatment Results


While there are many factors that may constitute successful treatment, the one looked at most often is survival rates associated with certain types of late stage cancer (Stage IV). At Mountain Blue Cancer Care, we believe you have the right to know how your chosen provider compares with national averages. 

Most patients do not receive a Stage IV cancer diagnosis; however, seeing how our survival rates compare for late-stage cancer patients gives you a good picture of how we approach treatment with all our cancer patients. This includes treatment for patients diagnosed at earlier stages, when cancer is usually more easily and successfully treated. 

As with any statistical analysis there are limitations due to the many different types of cancer classifications — the patient’s age and gender, the point at which care is started, etc. We have attempted to provide as accurate a comparison as possible, using the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program database for comparison. 

Survival Statistics and Results by Cancer Type

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We met Dr. Witta two days after the initial scan, even before the actual diagnosis. Within 3 days of that visit, we had a plan. Within a week the treatment started. We'd be lost without them. The entire staff is compassionate, knowledgeable. We thank God for them.

Maryann S


Love Dr. Witta and all the staff. Highly recommend Mountain Blue Cancer Care. If you have to go through cancer, this is the place to go.

Pat C

Dr. Witta has been my Doctor for nine years. He and his staff have provided me with excellent care.

Dorothy J

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