Supportive & Innovative Services

We firmly believe that supportive and innovative services can help you manage physical symptoms and enhance your emotional well-being. Learn about the supportive and innovative services that are offered at, or available through, our center.


Cancer Care Specific to You



At Mountain Blue we work with our partner specialists using the most advanced technologies to identify immune defects and ways to improve patients own defense to fight cancer.

Stem Cell Therapy:

Please contact the clinic for more detailed information.

All natural supplement-Sacred Core:

All natural supplement-Sacred Core: Whether we are healthy, or living with cancer, our bodies may have viable cancer stem cells which can grow and adversely affect our lives. Sacred Core combines science and nature to target cancer stem cells. Sacred Core is designed to open the cancer genome and allow components to target and critically disrupt cancer cell survival. Designed by Samir Witta, MD, PhD

Intravenous support therapies:


      Vitamin C

      Myers Cocktail

      B-12 Injection

      Super Immunity Boost

      Multi-Vitamin Complex


Support Groups:

Speaking with other cancer patients is part of the  healing process. Speak to a staff member at Mountain Blue to get detailed information about local support groups

Ongoing access to clinical staff: 

Early on, you and your support team will meet with Dr. Witta to determine a treatment plan,  you will also have the opportunity to meet with a nurse as well. As your treatment continues you will have access in office and over the phone with Dr. Witta and the nursing team.

Onsite insurance and financial coordination:

The cost of cancer treatment is often overwhelming. We have experienced onsite staff to help you navigate through the financial aspect of cancer so that you can focus on healing. 

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